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Punjab’s DCs empowered to enforce Section 144

ISLAMABAD: The Punjab Cabinet on Wednesday approved the delegation of the power to impose section 144 in the province for the period of seven days to the deputy commissioners (DCs) of districts.

The additional chief secretary home, on the other hand, will be authorized to impose the section for a period of two months. And in the event of imposing it for the time period going beyond two months, the provincial cabinet will give its approval.

In this regard, the law department will issue the notification soon. The representative of the defence ministry appeared before the court on the call. “Tell the interior minister to appear in court and his appearance will make no difference,” the bench said.

AAG pleaded again to the court, not to summon the ministers. “It is not a rocket science to summon these people. We are talking for the rights of Balochistan while sitting in Islamabad,” Justice Kayani remarked.