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Conference of China-Pakistan Belt and Road Joint Lab held

ISLAMABAD: The first academic committee conference of the China-Pakistan Belt and Road Joint Laboratory on Smart Disaster Prevention of Major Infrastructures was successfully held in Nanjing, China.

The purpose of this academic exchange conference was to promote the spirit of modern times and to showcase the important research progress and academic achievements of technological innovation talents in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, water conservancy, and transportation.

The conference aimed to promote the collision of ideas, disciplinary development, and talent cultivation of innovative talents in the field of civil engineering, water transportation.

The conference was also meant to the national technological innovation and high-quality economic development, says an official statement issued here on Monday.

Under the guidance of the talent center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, China; the conference was sponsored by the Chinese Architectural Society and the Chinese Society of Vibration Engineering, organized by the Southeast University, Jiangsu Academy of Building Sciences Co. Ltd.