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Shehbaz promises equitable development, argues for Charter of Economy

LAHORE: Shehbaz Sharif – the PML-N president and a former prime minister – on Monday promised an equitable development across Pakistan and again presented the proposal of signing a Charter of Economy – an idea that is based upon the Charter of Democracy (CoD) inked for two political rivals Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif back in 2006 to jointly fight for civilian supremacy in Pakistan.

Only a consensus-based national manifesto can rescue Pakistan from the prevailing quagmire, he said about the suggestion he introduced as the leader of opposition during the PTI government while noting that the entire had reached an agreement on the offer.

The former prime minister asked the people to give a clear mandate [majority] in the February 8 elections and said they would work under the leader of Nawaz after a successful campaign as he had always delivered on the economic front.

Shehbaz mentioned that economy would be vitalised through policy actions, not political and emotional statements, as he promised that the marginalised segments of the society – workers, daily-wage labourers, women and others – were to be the PML-N focus, if voted into power.

“People want to get rid of inflation and economic progress. We will root out poverty and provide employment.”

But he also stressed that economic vital to achieving enhanced foreign reserves and generating job opportunities for youth.