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Punjab to provide incentives to farmers

LAHORE:The Punjab caretaker government in a meeting on Sunday decided to give a special incentives package to farmers to increase the area for cotton cultivation and production.

The Punjab government is also considering a proposal to give agricultural easy loans to the farmers. A detailed plan has been requested from Bank of Punjab on the proposal of easy loans. The Chief Minister in the meeting tasked each division, and district to achieve the target of cotton area under cultivation.

According to Mohsin Naqvi, the minimum support price of cotton has been fixed at Rs8,500 for which assistance will also be sought from the federal government. He also directed to ensure the availability of certified cotton seed.

Furthermore, Mohsin Naqvi gave the go-ahead to conduct a vigorous campaign to expand the cotton-sowing area. The meeting presided over by Punjab CM Mohsin Naqvi in London before his departure to Lahore also directed immediate mobilization of Agriculture Department and Administration.