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PIA Flight Narrowly Escapes Major Accident

An airplane of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) narrowly escaped a major tragedy after one of its engines caught fire, reported local media.

According to details, the plane was en route from Karachi to Madinah with 276 passengers onboard. Soon after taking off from the Jinnah International Airport, one of the engines caught fire.

This was thanks to the swift and skillful actions of the pilot who efficiently extinguished the fire averting a major tragedy. The plane made an emergency landing at the Karachi airport after getting permission from the Air Traffic Controller (ATC).

All the passengers were safely evacuated and shifted to the hotel, however, nearly a hundred of them went back home.

According to a spokesperson of PIA, a team from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) collected samples from the plane’s captain and first officer to conduct alcohol, blood, and urine tests.

The spokesperson claimed that the initial investigation carried out by the engineers found no evidence of the fire. The plane landed back at the Karachi airport with a single engine as per the standard operating procedure.

The rescheduled time for the flight is 5:00 pm today.

Source: Pro Pakistani