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FIA offloads nine ‘beggars’ from Saudi Arabia-bound flight

MULTAN: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Sunday offloaded nine alleged beggars travelling to Saudi Arabia in the disguise of Umrah pilgrims from Multan.

According to the FIA spokesperson, FIA Immigration arrested nine alleged beggars from Saudi Arabia-bound flight from Multan International airport.

The authorities said the arrested included 6 women and two men, who failed to disclose the booking of any hotel during their stay in Saudi Arabia.

The arrested have been moved to the anti-human trafficking cell of the FIA for further investigation. FIA spokesperson said strict monitoring is underway of the passengers to burst begging gangs.

Earlier, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) offloaded 24 alleged beggars in the disguise of Umrah pilgrims from Saudi Arabia-bound flight at Multan airport.

The FIA officials during the immigration process questioned the passengers who confessed that they were going to visit the KSA to seek alms.

The arrests came after the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development disclosed to the Senate Committee on Overseas Pakistanis that a significant proportion of beggars are trafficked abroad through illegal channels.