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Judge gives last chance to Buzdar to show up in NAB case

LAHORE:The continuous non-appearance of former Punjab chief minister Usman Buzdar before the accountability court invoked a stern reaction on Tuesday from the indignant judge who gave last chance to him to appear before the court on May 25, rejecting all his ‘ill health pretenses’.

At the outset of the hearing on an assets beyond means reference filed by the National Accountability Bureau against Buzdar, accountability court Judge Sajid Ahmad Sheikh inquired about the whereabouts of the former Punjab chief minister. “Where is the accused,” the judge asked.

Buzdar’s lawyer told the judge that his client was indisposed and beseeched the court to accept his request for the court exemption.

The judge expressed his annoyance at the lawyer’s reply and ordered him to produce Buzdar in the court in 2-3 hours. “Court will not consider your request for his court exemption. Your application sits here. Produce Buzdar in 2-3 hours, otherwise I will cancel his bail. The court has accepted his exemption pleas for five times, but it will not accept it anymore,” the judge remarked.

He chided the lawyer saying that his client was using chest pain ruse, ’and if he continues to send us false medical reports then the court will form a medical board to examine him’.

The judge remarked that the arguments could not be held unless the accused appeared before the court.

With this, he adjourned the case till May 25, warning the lawyer that it was the last chance for Buzdar to attend the court hearing.