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APC supports govt stance on holding simultaneous elections

ISLAMABAD: The participants of an all-party conference (APC) organized by the Awami National Party (ANP) have seconded the coalition government’s stance on holding simultaneous elections across the country.

In a joint declaration issued after the APC, it is agreed that the elections will be held on the same day across the country. The participants laid stress on deciding the election date through dialogue.

They added the forum for political decisions is the political parties and parliaments while the job of the court is to interpret the Constitution. Legislation is the power of parliament, the declaration said, adding that all the political parties should decide the date of the general elections through negotiations.

It continued: “Taking political affairs to the courts creates a judicial crisis. “The ongoing situation has no match in the history. Some court decisions have complicated the issues.”

“Some people want selection instead of election. The rule of the law and the supremacy of the Parliament must be ensured. “To ensure transparency in the elections, the elections must be held on the same day throughout the country.”

It was decided that any attempt to attack provincial sovereignty will not be tolerated. The revision of the nineteenth constitutional amendment and recovery of missing persons have also been demanded.

The reservations of the political parties on the census should also be removed. Talking to the media ahead of the APC, former KP chief minister Amir Hoti said some people want selection instead of election. “National unity is need of the hours, more crises will arise if political decisions are made in the courts.