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11 bogies of freight train derail near Chaghai district

CHAGAI: Eleven bogies of a freight train traveling from Quetta to Zahedan were derailed in Chagai district on Tuesday.

According to the details, a total of 11 bogies from the freight car have veered off the tracks, prompting swift action from railway officials. The derailment has resulted in the suspension of train services between Iran and Pakistan, affecting both incoming and outgoing routes.

Railway authorities have confirmed that trains traveling to and from Zahedan have been stopped until further notice, as a result of the incident.

Meanwhile, the rescue teams from the railways have been dispatched to the scene to assess the situation and initiate necessary measures.

Earlier this year, an accident was reported where two bogies of a freight train derailed near Dera Nawab railway station.

According to the details, the freight train was en route from Karachi to Lahore when two of its bogies derailed near Dera Nawab railway station.

The railway authorities closed the up and down tracks due to the accident, which affected the railway operations at various stations. The authorities stated that the track clearance work is underway which will take some time to restore the affected railway operations.