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Utility Stores Posts Highest Ever Sales of Rs. 44 Billion During Ramadan

Utility Stores Corporation USC) has recorded its highest-ever sales of Rs. 44 billion during Ramadan.

This is the first time that USC surpassed its Rs. 40 billion sales target under the Prime Minister’s Relief Package, reported a national daily.

USC spokesperson hailed the corporation for meeting and exceeding sales targets. The government’s subsidy of Rs 12.5 billion channeled through USC, played a pivotal role in ensuring the affordability and availability of essential items during Ramadan.

The spokesperson highlighted the role of modern technology and computerization in streamlining USC operations. The adoption of advanced technology has enabled efficient monitoring of transactions, ensuring transparency and accountability, he added.

In FY23, the corporation recorded its highest-ever recorded sales of Rs. 137.155 billion. The net profit for the state-run utility in the last financial year amounted to Rs. 764 million. The increase was attributed to government subsidies on essential items such as flour,
sugar, ghee, pulses, and rice.

USC has been consistently profitable for three consecutive years. In FY22, the sales figure stood at Rs. 112.32 billion, while it clocked in at Rs. 120.24 billion in FY21.

Source: Pro Pakistani