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Talks are excuse to deceive SC: Sh Rashid

RAWALPINDI: Awami Muslim League (AML) chief and former federal interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Sunday that politics had now become enmity, the consequences of which would be dire.

In his tweet on the social networking site Twitter, Sheikh Rashid said the negotiations were an excuse to deceive the Supreme Court and government was just passing the time. By May 10, there would be a final outcome of the whole episode. Pakistan is not on the agenda in the IMF Executive Board meeting on May 10. He said the rulers were in relief and the people were in grief.

Mr Rashid said the next target of the government was his 4-marla red mansion, but they should be prepared for its consequences. “I have won the case in the high court, I live alone, if I am killed, I have written the names of eight people to the relevant institutions and I have a receipt of that as well,” said the AML chief.

Mr Rashid added that Khaqan Abbasi had blamed the government for committing corruption of Rs20 billion in flour distribution. At least 20 people died seeking free flour in lines. According to Khaqan Abbasi government had earned Rs20 billion in a day.

The former interior minister further said that what happened at Parvez Elahi's house, what done at the behest of the view of the caretaker chief minister? Visit to Saudi Arabia was an excuse, actually Parvez was the target under the direction of Asif Ali Zardai. “When the gates are broken by armored vehicles, the votes will also go into the oven.”