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Sindh Stops Funding of Private Medical Institutes

The provincial Health Department of Sindh has temporarily halted the funding of private medical institutions in the province. The provision of funds will remain suspended until they submit an audit report.

According to local media reports, the provincial Health Department has introduced strict rules for private medical institutions in order to get funding.

The decision will apply to all the private medical institutions of Sindh, including the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) and Indus Hospital.

According to the Caretaker Health Minister of Sindh, there is no record of where the previously allocated funds were spent.

He said that the private medical institutions received Rs. 87 billion from the health department last year. The minister added that he has asked for the audit reports, however, the institutions have asked for time.

He made it clear that the provincial government will not allocate any more funds to them until they provide a comprehensive audit report.

Source: Pro Pakistani