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Shortage of Meat Looms Over Pakistan in Upcoming Months

The All Pakistan Jamiat ul Quresh Meat Welfare Association President Khurshid Ahmed Qureshi has warned that excessive export and smuggling has lead to the shortage of meat in the country.

In an interview with a local media, he highlighted the alarming trend of meat being exported at high rates, resulting in a delicate balance between demand and supply within the nation.

Qureshi expressed worry over the significant quantities of meat being shipped to Central Asian nations, exacerbating the local scarcity. Additionally, he noted the clandestine smuggling of animals to neighboring countries through Baluchistan, further straining the domestic market.

The repercussions are already evident, with meat prices witnessing a sharp surge in recent months. Mutton, which was priced at Rs1,900 per kg three months ago, now commands Rs2,200 to Rs2,400 per kg. Similarly, beef with bones, previously available at Rs900 per kg, now costs Rs1,150 per kg.

If this trend persists, Qureshi warned of an imminent meat shortage in t
he near future. Moreover, he anticipated a significant hike in sacrificial animal prices this year.

Echoing these sentiments, a statement issued by Jamiat ul Quresh criticized the country’s flawed export policies, which could lead to a severe meat deficit and subsequent price spikes.

The association emphasized the potential ripple effect on the prices of over 100 other commodities, urging Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to intervene and address the situation promptly.

Despite Pakistan’s abundance of high-quality animals, flawed policies have already rendered many in the meat industry unemployed. Qureshi advocated for a shift in focus towards exporting animal byproducts, which could generate substantial revenue for the government.

He emphasized the necessity of halting meat exports and animal smuggling, asserting that intervention from the Prime Minister is essential to avert both economic and social repercussions. Qureshi called for a concerted effort to prioritize cattle farming to ensure a steady meat sup
ply within the country.

Source: ProPakistani