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Sheikh Rashid says judiciary will surely win

RAWALPINDI:Awami Muslim League chief and former federal interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Sunday that people had hatred in their hearts for the present government. He said whoever would support the government would be doomed. Mr. Rashid said on social media website Twitter that everyone was complaining about them. “God knows better who is going to be minus and who is going to be plus. But now it will happen. Economy of the country is in dire state,” said the former federal minister.

He said joining assemblies by the PTI lawmakers was not so important and it did not matter now. Mr. Rashid said the whole nation not only condemned attack on Jinnah House and GHQ but also felt said over it. However, he was of the view that arrests of innocent people could dent the credibility of institutions. The AML chief said the people who were quitting the party and changing loyalties, were like a bride of single night. He said nothing will happen by spending two or three months in jail, but it could save someone from getting the stain of a defector.

Mr. Rashid said pure and real leaders did not give up in difficult times and stood firm like a rock. The head of Awami Muslim League further said that definitely the June would prove to be a month of victory or defeat (for government). The judiciary would surely win.