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Punjab CM vows to take concrete steps to stop incidents of sodomy

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi said they cannot make the law, but will definitely take concrete steps to stop incidents of sodomy in the future on Sunday.

CM Mohsin Naqvi talked to the media after meeting with the victim children of sodomy in a Madrassa during his visit to Chakwal and said that they were ashamed and sad as well because of the Chakwal incident.

He said that not every seminary is bad, some people in a seminary have done the worst and we cannot blame everyone even because of a few members of the same madrassa, they cannot badmouth other people of the same madrassa.

He said that we will do everything possible to bring the accused to justice and the task has been given to the IG while the Secretary Prosecution will also do his work.

Respect the privacy of the affected children, and respect the decision not to undergo medical treatment, Muhsin Naqvi expressed.

“I request the local media not to publicize the names and pictures of the affected children”, said Muhsin Naqvi. The CM said that the number of victim children of Chakwal madrassa is more than one or two and we want to protect them.

Muhsin Naqvi said that the victim’s children and their parents are in trauma due to the incident and they have to be brought out of trauma and restored to normal life. It takes a lot of courage to point out the suspects after such wicked behaviour with children, said Muhsin Naqvi.

He said that victimized children’s education will also be restored and they will be brought out of trauma and we will cooperate with those children who want to study in DPS or private schools. We will definitely do whatever is possible for the education of affected children, said Mohsen Naqvi.

The CM ordered the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner to take steps for the education and rehabilitation of affected children. He assured an investigation is being conducted into the non-filing of an FIR.

Police have sealed the Madrassa Jamia Al-Mustafa located at Choa Chowk in Chakwal on Sunday.