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PTI’s Yasmin Rashid discharged from hospital

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and former Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid discharged from hospital after her condition improved.

According to sources, Rashid was admitted to the hospital due to stomach and dehydration issues and was discharged after completing her antibiotic course. Sources revealed that her health has improved, and she has been shifted to jail after discharge from the hospital.

Earlier, PTI leader the PTI leader has been shifted to Services Hospital from Kot Lakhpat Jail due to high blood pressure and diarrhea.

The Medical Officer of Kot Lakhpat Jail termed the health condition of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Dr. Yasmin Rashid as ‘not satisfactory’.

As per the report, Rashid’s blood pressure was160/110, which was extremely high. The Medical Officer in his report maintained that Yasmin Rashid could not eat or drink anything since the last day and as a result, her body was facing a severe water deficiency.

“Yasmin Rashid’s body has been dehydrated due to vomiting,” the report read. The former provincial minister has been behind bars over her alleged involvement in the May 9 riots.

She was indicted by an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) along with the party colleagues Main Mehmoodur Rasheed and Ejaz Chaudhry in a May 9 vandalism case.

The PTI leaders were booked at Shadman police station for vandalism on 9th May 2023, following the arrest of the former prime minister in the Al-Qadir Trust case.