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President calls for adopting nationwide electricity, gas, water conservation strategies

ISLAMABAD, President Dr Arif Alvi has called for adopting a consensus-based nationwide electricity, gas and water conservation strategies to save precious national resources.

Addressing a ceremony here in Islamabad on Monday, he said for this purpose there is a need to bring some behavioural changes to achieve the desired objectives in the shortest possible timeframe.

The President said that the Islamic teachings stressed the conservation of resources even if there was an abundance of them.

He said the teachings of Quran and Hadith stressed the conservation of water even if one was performing ablution at the bank of a river.

The President said we need to adopt the cherished Islamic values to change our approaches while using precious resources which include water, gas and electricity.

Expressing regret over the inhuman atrocities on innocent Palestinians, the President also stressed that the priorities of the world should shift from war to conservation and safety of the planet and for this purpose we need to shift our priorities.