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Polio Vaccination Campaign Starts Across Pakistan

A nationwide anti-polio campaign has kicked off today, with varying durations tailored to different provinces.

In Sindh, a week-long initiative starts today, mobilizing over eighty thousand polio workers to reach out to households across 30 districts. Their mission is to administer polio vaccines to more than ten million children aged up to five.

Simultaneously, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, over 7.4 million children within the same age bracket will receive polio vaccine drops. The campaign involves thirty-one thousand teams conducting door-to-door visits to vaccinate children.

Balochistan is also launching a seven-day anti-polio drive today. Coordinator Syed Zahid Shah revealed that over 2.5 million children up to the age of five would receive anti-polio drops. The effort involves more than eleven thousand polio teams.

In AJK, a five-day anti-polio campaign begins today, targeting over seven hundred thousand children under five.

A network of four thousand mobile teams is in place to ensure the widespread administration of vaccine drops to children.

Source: Pro Pakistani