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PNS Yarmouk rescues eight Iranian fishermen

KARACHI: Pakistan Navy has conducted a successful rescue mission to save eight Iranian fishermen whose boat caught fire in the open sea.

According to a report on Tuesday, the distress call was swiftly responded to by a Pakistan Navy Vessel, PNS Yarmouk. Rushing to the scene at a low speed, the Navy ship successfully rescued all fishermen and helped extinguish the fire.

This rescue operation showcases Pakistan Navy’s capability to handle emergencies at sea and its commitment to ensuring safety of human life.

Meanwhile, Iran has wholeheartedly appreciated Pakistan Navy for responding actively to the distress call of assistance from an Iranian fishing boat caught in an uncontrollable fire in the open sea and safely rescuing eight Iranian fishermen.

In a message, Iran’s the Ambassador to Pakistan, Reza Amiri Moghadam said Iran and Pakistan have a close mutual support and cooperation in the rescue and humanitarian assistance operations at the international waters.