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Pakistan cannot afford more political instability: UBG chief

KARACHI: United Business Group chief and Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s former president Zubair Tufail has expressed regret over the political confrontation in the country after the results of the general elections.

In a statement on Monday, he said that Pakistan, burdened by debts, could not afford more political instability. Mr Tufail described the struggle for power between political parties in the country since the elections as very harmful to the country.

“The establishment of a broad-based national government should be implemented so that economic stability and electoral reforms can serve the nation best, especially for the proportional electoral system.” he said.

He further said that the economy needed a sustainable long-term broad-based national government, so all major political parties and winning independent candidates must work together to pull the country out of political and economic crises.

The UBG chief said that there was also a need to prioritize national interests over personal interests, as elections and expression of freedom of opinion was a healthy sign for democracy. He said that the youth had played an important role in the recent elections and they believed that they would play their role in the better interest of the country.

Mr Tufail said jobs were being lost and now the situation may worsen due to political instability, adding that in those circumstances, all political parties should sit at a table and take better decisions for the country.