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Lahore police continue crackdown on underage drivers

LAHORE: Lahore police on Sunday continued a crackdown on underage drivers following the deadly road crash in Lahore’s DHA, last week that claimed lives of six members of a family.

As per details, the Lahore police have registered 2,251 cases and impounded hundreds of vehicles during crackdown of the last six days on underage drivers. Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Lahore, has said underage drivers pose risks not only to themselves but also to others. He also urged the parents not to allow their underage children to drive vehicles or motorbikes.

It is pertinent to mention here that six members of the same family were killed in a tragic car accident in Lahore’s Defence Phase 7 area. The family was reportedly returning home in two cars after visiting relatives in Shadab Colony on Ferozpur Road. As they reached near a roundabout, the car driven by a teenage boy rammed into their vehicle.

The young driver reportedly had lost control of his vehicle. According to witnesses, he had been driving rashly, which was a common practice by children of the affluent in the area. The speeding vehicle hit the victims’ car from the left side. The collision was so intense that the vehicle overturned and was badly damaged.