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Hand over terrorists hiding in Zaman Park within 24 hours: Mir tells PTI

LAHORE:The Naqvi-led Punjab government on Wednesday gave a 24-hour deadline to the PTI to hand over “30 to 40 terrorists”, what it claimed, hiding at Imran Khan’s Zaman Park residence in Lahore to the police.

The warning came from caretaker Information Minister Aamir Mir who was addressing a presser in the provincial capital. The minister said the PTI was starting to behave like a non-state actor as its chief had been targeting the military since over a year.

He claimed that attacks on military installations were carried out during May 9 violent protests under a set plan, saying the government had adopted a “zero tolerance policy” towards it. Mir told reporters that interim Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi had given a “freehand” to the Punjab police to deal with “arsonists”.

The interim minister said it had been decided that those who attacked military installations would be tried in military courts.