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Govt Plans to Raise Rs. 2.47 Trillion in 3 Months Via T-Bills

The government plans to raise Rs. 2,475 billion through auction of market treasury bills (MTBs) during April-June 2024, according to the auction calendar shared by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) last week.

The aim for MTBs during this period is to secure Rs. 2,475 billion, a figure that exceeds the maturing amount of Rs. 2,123 billion. The central bank has scheduled seven MTB auctions during the last 3 months of the current fiscal year.

The month of April will see three auctions of categorized MTBs. The first auction was held on 3 April, while the remaining two will be held on 17 April and 30 April.

Two auctions will held in May while another two in June.

The government plans to raise Rs. 1,050 billion through auctions scheduled for April, Rs. 600 billion in May, and Rs. 825 billion in June.

Data reveals the government aims to raise Rs. 825 billion each through 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month MTBs.

Source: Pro Pakistani